Get into Science Fair and find out more about the world around you.




The world is amazing and vast. If you’re struggling to pin down a topic for Science Fair then start by asking yourself - what interests me? What are you curious about?

Are you into sport or do you love to bake? Do you like to grow things in the garden or explore the wildlife you find around you?


Now things get exciting. Create your experiment or build your technology. Get ready to test your theories and find out what happens.


What did you discover? Perhaps your results were quite different to what you imagined. Have you solved a puzzle or answered your questions? What could you explore further?

You’re going to be sharing your findings so keep records of everything - photos, videos, written reports and diaries. Capture everything because it’s an important part of telling the story of your project.

If you’re ready to get involved in Science Fair then talk to your teacher. He/she can tell you how your school gets involved and help you to take part.

In 2021 we have updated the Eastland Network Science and Technology Fair judging rubric to better reflect the nature and communication of science and technology. Check it out - 2021 Judging Rubric