What could you win?

There are prizes worth a total of over $5000, to be won in the Eastland Network Science and Technology Fair 2021. 



The most prestigious award is Best in Fair and is awarded to the best exhibit from all categories.

The other prizes are awarded as follows:  

Junior Primary (Years 1-3)
Silver and Gold Certificates 

Senior Primary (Years 4-6)
Silver and Gold Certificates 

Primary (all ages)
Best Primary Science 
Best Primary Technology 

Intermediate (Years 7-8)
Silver and Gold Certificates
Best Intermediate Science
Best Intermediate Technology 

Secondary (all ages)
Silver and Gold Certificates
Junior Secondary Best Science
Senior Secondary Best Science
Junior Secondary Best Technology
Senior Secondary Best Technology

All Poster entries
Silver and Gold Certificates
Best Poster Cup 

Silver and Gold Certificates
Best Scientific/Technology Demonstration Award 

Challenge exhibits
Silver and Gold Certificates
Science Challenge Group Entry Cup Winner 

Topic Specific Awards
Statistical Prize
Soil related Prize 
Oral Health Prize
Optometry Cup 
Best Baking associated project
Best Sports related project
Best Environmental science project  

Special Awards
Aspiring Young Scientist
Most Original Concept in Science
Most Original Technology